[MUST READ] Banned for hacks? Check this

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[MUST READ] Banned for hacks? Check this

Post by PowerBoy on Thu Aug 09, 2018 8:09 pm

Were you banned for any of these reasons:
Health Hack (HH) / God Mode (GM) / Bullet proof (BP) / Health Refill
Speed Hack (SH)
Weapon Hack (WH)
AirBreak (AB)
Armor Hacks (AH)
Jump Hacks (JH)
Parkour Mod (PM)
Superman/Flight/fly hack[FH]
Money hacks (MH)
Teleport Hacks (TP)
Spec Hack
Rapid Fire
Fast Respawn
If you were, then continue reading. If not, then post your ban appeal.

You were banned for hacking then you must fill up this part of your ban appeal in order for you to be given a chance to be unbanned.


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