[IMPORTANT] Ban Appeal Format and Guide - PLEASE READ THIS

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[IMPORTANT] Ban Appeal Format and Guide - PLEASE READ THIS

Post by PowerBoy on Thu Aug 09, 2018 8:07 pm

[Image: Rules___Guidelines.png]
If you feel you've been banned incorrectly or are due an unban, then this is the section you are required to be in. Your accounts will remain banned if you have clearly failed to follow the community rules. A Staff Member will only place a ban onto an account if they are sure the owner of that account has breached a rule in some way. From time to time, a mistake can happen but that'll be discussed upon you appealing to the banning staff member.

You are responsible for your account at all times, meaning giving your password out to another person or account sharing with someone could lead to you becoming banned from the Community and not being allowed to return.

[Image: posting_format.png]

[Admin Name] - Your Name - Reason
For example [DeaD] - James - Health Hack

Player Name: -Write Here
Date & Time: -Write Here
Banned by: -Write Here
Ban reason: -Write Here
Explanation of what happened: -Writehere
Screen-Shot of GTA-SA Directory: - (Only refer a link here if banned for hacks)

• Player Name: Insert your in game name here (Or Teamspeak/IRC/forum name if either of those have been banned). To speed up searching for names, please include the "_" between first name and surnames.
• Date of ban: Insert the full date of when this happened here. e.g. 01/06/13 (Not "Today" or "Yesterday") - This helps with checking any server logs
• Time of ban: Insert the time of when it happened here. e.g. 13:30 - This helps with checking any server logs
• Ban Reason: Please enter the official ban reason if you know it. If you are unsure of this, please put "Unknown"
• Explanation: You need to explain what happened, why it happened and how you will not let it happen again. Do NOT lie in this part. If you are found to be lieing in your appeal to try and get out of trouble, you will be kept permanently banned regardless of what your ban reason was. Being truthful and remorseful over what you did will prove to the admin that you are trustworthy and deserve to come back. Keep the accusations out of this section - you have no one to blame but yourself for the ban. Remember that this is an APPEAL and not an unban request forum so you must show effort in how you deserve to come back to play here.

• What happened
• Why it happened
• How you will not let it happen again

[Image: What_happens_next.png]

If you have not specified a ban reason or a banning admin in your appeal, a member of staff will check these for you based on the information you have given and will edit these into your appeal.

Under no circumstances should you contact any member of staff regarding your ban appeal unless they have specifically said you should. Any one who does this will receive, at least, a 1-day forum ban.

The admin who originally banned you will review your appeal and decide whether you deserve to be allowed back or not to play on the server. You may be unbanned straight away, given a date when to next appeal, or permanently banned. Once a decision has been made, you will need to accept this decision and not make another thread appeal that decision. It is your own fault that you are in this situation and thus you must take responsibility and the punishment which comes with it. The thread will then be locked and moved to the Archive.


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