[IMPORTANT] New Official Clan's Policy's

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[IMPORTANT] New Official Clan's Policy's

Post by PowerBoy on Thu Aug 09, 2018 8:10 pm

After some time Talking the clans will be now managed in a more efficiently way , so New policy's have been added.

New Clan's Policy's
Official Clan's Must Have all of their thread's updated(within a week) .
Example: if they got a new member in their lines they must update the member list.
Official Clan Owners/Co-Owners/Members must follow all of the server Rules , Rulebreaking Clan's will be closed.
Official Clan's will have to follow all of the requeriments constantly , from now on if they don't fullfill them the clan will be closed out.
User's Cannot vote in clan Applications.
If the user want to make their gang a official gang supported by the server , they have to be owners of that gang in game.
New Clan's cannot copy any of other's clan design's / tag's / especial feattures unless you are allowed by the one who made that featture.
Clan's cannot be a copy of other's server's clans , that will lead to a total deletion of the clan.
If the clan's Owner left the server , he has to leave the Ownership to another member of the clan , he will have 1 week to choose a new owner otherwise the clan will be closed down.
If the clan Owner is Permanently Banned without the right to do an unban appeal , the clan will be Closed Down.
The official gang's needs to have at least one leader with at least 400.000 XP and 25.000 kills otherwise the gang will be closed out.

All the clan Owners have to read and put read & understod in this thread no doing so will lead the clan to ble closed out.


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